Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Ugly Truth

On Saturday, our feature article on Outlet Shopping was published . One of the interesting things about our work out in the community is how other businesses perceive our coverage.

The Macy's Outlet at Southcenter did not want the photographer to take any shots of the store, because they felt it wouldn't represent Macy's the way they want people to think of them.

Hmmm..... If that's the case, why go to market with an outlet? If your goal is to project a quality image, or high-end image, or whatever your stated idea is, shouldn't ALL of your activities reflect this goal? In other words, even if you have a outlet center, wouldn't you want to create the impression that it all fits within your messaging?

If it doesn't - why not?

Conversely, the Restoration Hardware Outlet did a great job of continuing their public message AND they were moving their overstocks, out-of-dates, etc. So, it can be done successfully, it just takes thought and effort.

Score one for Restoration Hardware.

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