Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fathead Fun

Not all design has to be serious.
I just saw a product today that is all about fun. They are super-oversized wall graphics called Fatheads. If you are keyed into sports you probably already know about them - um, well... they were new to me! This Ichiro image is 6'8" tall, for example.
Market research has shown that people are wary of investing in wallcoverings. One of the reasons is the thought of removal. With these babies, it's peel-and-stick. And peel-right-off. Sort of like a Post-It Note on steroids (no sports reference there!).
We are considering the possibility of bringing them into our store, in the meantime, check out the website, http://www.fathead.com/

What really got me (and this shows that I have a pre-teen boy in the house) was the bigger than life-sized Darth Vader. Cool!