Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I've just completed replacing all of the major appliances in my kitchen It's been time for a while, but like many other things, I was daunted by the process. I finally bit the bullet and went to Crossroads Appliance and nabbed Les, a well informed salesman who managed me through the process. Soooooo many choices! It was helpful to have a budget in mind and be aware of priorities for options as they all cost more green! I had no bell and whistle requirements for the dishwasher.....but thought having a microwave with 2 shelves was a swell upgrade. Then there is the fridge...gosh when I think about what I have been limping along with all these years. Who knew having a freezer on the bottom was such a luxury, not to mention actual lighting, frost control, clear shelves, and the ultimate treat, counter depth. Made my head spin. When all was said and done I was happy with my choices and on Friday the happy truck arrived with skilled worker bees who took the old stuff away and installed the new. That event took half a day but made me realize the true value in paying for take away and installation by the pros. . Now of course I have upset the apple cart, and the kitchen needs to be painted and a few other items need next homes, but all and all it was an upgrade well worth the effort. Next stop.......re-tile the bathroom....argghhhhhh.

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