Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Office

At the beginning of the year, my husband officially joined Daly's - working from a finance and strategic background. A lot of people teased us, commenting that they'd certainly never be able to work with their spouse... and how far away were we planning on sitting from each other?

Until Tuesday, we were down the hall from each other - too far to yell, too close to always bother trotting down the hall for small things. Add to the fact that I have the floor-to-ceiling window with roomy office, and he had a measly high window (and let's not even get into what his folding table of a desk looked like!). That's all changed now...

Now we are sharing an office. We have two large desks facing each other, and it creates a neat six foot square work surface. Reaction has ranged from "Wow, you much really like each other" to "Well, if it doesn't work out, you can always add a hutch on top of your desks to create a barrier!".

However, we STILL needed to bring in professional help in choosing a new paint color... "Hello Christian?"

Christian popped by this morning and within a half-hour we settled on a new color scheme that makes us both happy - and Christian, too. You'd think that because we co-own the paint store (and I'm a designer) that we'd have an easier time finding a paint color. Ha!

What colors are we using, you ask?
On the walls: C2 Paint "Riff" (a mid-value taupy beigey latte color) (calming and perfect against our new, almost black furniture!)
On the ceiling: C2 Paint "Whitewater" (a tasty aqua that we will probably mix at half-strength)

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Kim said...

Awe shucks Mrs. Paint Princess... aren't you two SO cute?! = )