Friday, August 3, 2007

Allen Town

Robin and I strolled among the heavy equipment yesterday and gave a gander to what's going on in South Lake Union, referred to in smaller circles as "Allen Town". We set our sites on home furnishings retail establishments for a feature we are doing for an upcoming issue of @Home. All in all a lovely morning, capped by a mediocre dining experience at whatever the restaurant is at the Pan Pacific that has outdoor my opinion its only asset. They are simply trying to hard. After lunch we did wander over to the snappy new pet supply shop called "Scraps". Greeted and treated nicely by the owner who clearly loves his dogs and what he does! Great selection of just about everything you need for Fido and things your probably don't need but want. Short of visiting John and Laurie Fairman (Honeychurch and Glenn Richards) and Uncle Carl (antique Liq.) I am not sure I feel all that compelled to rush right back to SoLaU (moniker courtesy of Robin Daly). It hasn't yet turned into a gracious living experience. One can hope.

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