Monday, February 12, 2007

Designer TV

Last week I caught part of a rerun of the first episode of Top Design on Bravo, and all of the 2nd episode. I don't usually watch much television, but I have to admit to an unusual addiction to last summers' Project Runway.

So it was rather exciting to see a show dedicated to interior design competition. Would it be as engrossing? Would the personalities of the designers contribute as much to the plot of the show? Would they have the same ridiculous and totally unrealistic challenges?

Well, yes... the challenges are not exactly realistic (like not knowing who the client is that you are designing for! I mean, duh!) - but an element that was so engaging on Project Runway is missing.

What is it that makes compelling viewing? I'm not sure what the magic is - perhaps more of the back story on the people in the competition. There is no talented yet deeply flawed character, like Jeffrey from PR to watch with horrid fascination, either.

I'll probably catch a few more episodes to see what happens.

I also caught some HGTV shows this weekend (something I hardly EVER do!). Again, it was confirmed in my mind that many of the cheap solutions are just that - cheap. They look cheap, they don't have legs to last for a number of years, either.

I think good design contains elements of timelessness. Solutions should work for the long-term, AND should integrate into the lifestyles of the residents.

I notice that often these room makeovers don't connect AT ALL to the rest of the house. How does that serve the way someone lives? Dumb.

Oh well, it was better than watching a special on Anna Nichole!

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